Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who is Wonder Woman?

Who is Wonder Woman anyways? I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now...and it always takes me back to childhood. Why is it that I cringe when I think about her? Tights and Briefs. A huge belt. Two wrist cuffs and a really large tiara. Is that what Wonder Woman is all about? I don't think so.

I live in Orange County, CA. "The OC." (Ugh...I hated that show.) To be even more accurate, we live in South OC. In case you don't know, South Orange County is home to big cars and big homes. It's home to new cars and new homes. It's home to women who stand in line all night to get their kids into the "best" preschool. It's home to women who have their kids involved in so many activities that they don't see their home during daylight hours. It's home to sports clubs. It's home to the Natadores Swim Club (where you just can't get swimming get trained for the Olympics). It's home to tan people (and I SOOO don't fit in that category) who workout with their trainers on a tri-weekly basis. It's home to really "cool" people.

Let's face it. I just don't fit in with the women in OC. I'm a stay-at-home mom. I have a "cool" minivan (if you can call a minivan cool) and it's 5 years old. It's also the car that I'll have for the next 5 years or longer! I have a 4 bedroom home. It's not big. It's on the smaller side, but I love it. It's where we live, love and grow as a family. My kids aren't in many activities. Not only are they super expensive, but I feel a need for us to have dinner as a family each night. Only too soon will we be involved in too many activities that take us away from each other every night. I don't want to start that now. We belong to the YMCA. I don't have a trainer...but I do get a chance to work out while my kids enjoy playing with other kids in the Kids Center. There's a pool, but I lather myself with so much lotion, that my white body probably won't ever be called "tan." I'm more of a "mid-west" girl at heart. I'm not one of those "cool OC mom's."

The pressure to be like the other women around is intense. "When are you getting a new car?" In 5 years, if I'm lucky. "Where is your husband taking you for your anniversary?" I'd be happy just going out for dinner. I don't need a trip to Mexico... "What did you get for Mother's Day?" A really cool towel and water bottle for our camping trips this summer. "Is that it?" Yep...just you wait...when you see my water bottle, you're gonna be jealous.

I'm not high maintenance. I don't need anything....except a few hours alone every once in a while. I love my life, but the Wonder Women around me have such a different lifestyle than I do. But is "Wonder Woman" even something to be attained? I don't think so. Most of the time, when I look at my friends, they're so busy. I don't want that. I'm content to be the "mid-western" kinda girl at home in OC. I keep on looking for friends that are like-minded. I have found many friends that are like "Wonder Woman". They have hearts of gold. They love me for who I am. And even though we're very different, I have learned so much from my "Wonder Women" friends.

I guess that we're all Wonder Woman in one way or another. We help our children with homework. We get the laundry done and put away. We read stories over, and over, and over and over. We teach our kids manners (hopefully) and how to respect their parents. We learn from our friends and we grow as women, mothers and wives. I don’t think of myself as Wonder Woman…but in some ways, I guess I am.

Here’s one of my friends…and she’s actually Wonder Woman! Can you imagine the guts that this took for Halloween last year? She’s got the legs! And the hair! And the super cute family to go with it. I know Wonder Woman, and I love her!

One of my favorite blogs to read is She's having a contest for any posts you might have written about "Wonder Woman." You can go to her page and enter yourself to win an amazing prize...that is, if it's really if you're Wonder Woman, or something.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Who is that HOT Wonder Woman in that picture and her adorable family? Love ya Soul Sista, thanks for posting our family pic!

Scribbit said...

I don't know--sounds like I'd totally love being next door to you. Our minivans could hang out together :)

And that picture is terrific!

Krysti said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the website. I can't wait to read it every day Michal. You are also a great writer! Seriously, I love to read Brent's website too because he's so funny the way he writes and you're the same way. Reading your stuff just reminded me how much I love you. Oh, and I give you permission to use my name and/or quote conversations we've had, just for future reference :)